Steps to avoid project standstill in Mexico

Steps to avoid project standstill in Mexico
07 April 2020

Following the announcement of CANACEM, Mexico's cement chamber, that it will slow down operations in the COVID-19 contingency, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, Mexico City's head of government, has said she is working with some cement companies to prevent the stoppage of priority work. This includes agreements with cement producers that see the transfer of high-density waste from Mexico City.

"We are coordinating with the Government of Mexico on the provisions they have given. There are public works of the government of Mexico that will not stop, as is the case of St Lucia Airport, so the priority works of the Government of the City, in public works, will allow that there may be supply of concrete," she said.

Meanwhile, in Chihuahua, the municipality’s Director of Public Works, Carlos Aguilar García, said that the different contractors of ongoing construction projects have a sufficient supply of cement to continue work for at least one month.  "Everyone was preparing to get around this month that the cement industry will be closed," said the director.He also hopes that "the Federal Government could take good performance so that it can see that the cement industry is considered one of the essential activities and that they are allowed to continue working in the coming days." There are currently 25-30 projects in progress, carried out by 20 contractors.

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