Livetouch Cement breached local labour laws in Zimbabwe

Livetouch Cement breached local labour laws in Zimbabwe
16 September 2020

Zimbabwian-based Livetouch Cement was found in breach of local labour laws after failing to register its workers with the National Social Security Authority (NSSA). It was only revealed that the Chinese cement manufacturer had broken the law after the death of a worker in March this year.

According to NSSA, the death of an unidentified employee at the cement manufacturing plant exposed how the company had not registered any of its employees with the Workers Compensation Insurance Fund (WCIF) and the National Pension Scheme (NPS) both schemes under NSSA. NSSA also discovered Livetouch's employees were not registered with its compensation and pension schemes.

After a joint visit by NSSA's Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate and the Compliance Inspectorate, the company registered with the NSSA schemes on 18 August, reports New Zimbabwe.

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