Fosbel acquires Wahl Refractory Solutions LLC

Fosbel acquires Wahl Refractory Solutions LLC
27 January 2021

Fosbel has acquired Wahl Refractory Solutions LLC. Wahl Refractory Solutions, Fremont, Ohio, will now conduct business under the name Wahl Refractory Solutions, a Fosbel company. 

The integration of Fosbel and Wahl Refractory secures a future of continued growth through strengthened products and services to a broader customer base. 

By making a commitment to ensure Wahl’s continuing business under the Fosbel umbrella, capital investments are being made at Wahl’s manufacturing plant. Fosbel will utilise Wahl's manufacturing and production capabilities, which will result in shortened supply chains and increased inventory capacities.  This will result in improved products and services for Wahl and Fosbel customers. 

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