Colombian cement consumption advances 61% in March

Colombian cement consumption advances 61% in March
10 May 2021

Cement sales in Colombia increased 60.7 per cent to 1.189Mt in March 2021 from 0.74Mt in March 2020, according to DANE, the country’s statistics office. Sales in the retail sector were up 76 per cent YoY while ready-mix concrete companies saw a 47 per cent hike. Construction companies and contractors increased their offtake by 39.6 per cent YoY.

Sales in Bogotá increased by 64.1 per cent YoY while Cundinamarca posted a similar increase of 64.9 per cent. Valle del Cauca saw its market expand by 75.7 per cent and Santander by 71.5 per cent. In Atlántico offtake was up 54.1 per cent. Antioquia reported a 53.1 per cent rise in sales.

Cement production increased 41.2 per cent to 1.2Mt in March 2021 when compared with March 2020 when the country’s cement plants produced 0.85Mt.

January-March 2021
In the first three months of 2021, cement consumption in Colombia were up 18.1 per cent to 3.257Mt from 2.759Mt in the 3M20. The largest advance was reported by the retail sector, where sales increased by 16.2 per cent, followed by construction companies and contractors, which saw a 13 per cent YoY rise. Ready-mix concrete companies increased their volumes by 4.8 per cent YoY.

Antioquia saw a 14 per cent YoY rise in 1Q sales while Valle del Cauca reported a 17.8 per cent advance. Sales in Santander were up 19.6 per cent while Norte de Santander saw a 46.1 per cent increase. Cundinamarca reported a 15.2 per cent rise and Atlántico saw a 21.8 per cent gain in sales.

First-quarter output saw a 14.9 per cent rise YoY to 3.375Mt from 2.938Mt in the 1Q20.

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