Puerto Rican cement sales triple in March

Puerto Rican cement sales triple in March
18 May 2021

Cement sales in Puerto Rico reached 66,941t in March 2021, according to the Puerto Rican Institute of Statistics. This represents a 15.9 per cent MoM increase and the highest since June 2020.

When compared with March 2020, sales nearly tripled. Cement sales fell dramatically in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but May 2020 saw a sharp increase and by the end of the year, sales reached 588,400t, up 2.8 per cent YoY following a 5.8 per cent drop in 2019.

Cement output from Costa Rica’s cement industry also noted the highest level in three months, increasing 56 per cent to 32,874 tin March 2021 from 21,077t.

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