Swedish Supreme Court does not grant Cementa leave to appeal

Swedish Supreme Court does not grant Cementa leave to appeal
30 August 2021

Sweden's Supreme Court announced that Cementa will not be granted leave to appeal against the decision by the Supreme land and Environmental Court on 6 July when it rejected the cement producer's application to extend its limestone quarry in Slite from 1 November.

"It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court does not grant leave to appeal, but we have also been prepared for this outcome. The announcement does not affect our ongoing work, but we continue to work with other initiatives that we began immediately when we received the Land and Environmental Court's ruling in July," said Karin Comstedt Webb, head of sustainability at Cementa.

That work includes both an application for a shorter permit for limestone mining that could be faster to get in place, and an application for a long-term permit. Such a permit is a prerequisite for the factory's continued operation over time and for ensuring a secure and sustainable cement supply in Sweden, with a view to being able to deliver climate-neutral cement in 2030.

In parallel with preparations for applications, work is being carried out to find and put in place short-term solutions for the supply of raw materials to the factory and thereby reduce the consequences of an expected cement shortage in Sweden after next summer.

"Even if today's message does not affect the work ahead for us in substance, it is worrying because it leaves a number of questions of principle unanswered about how the case has been handled legally. This creates uncertainty in the entire system regarding the efficiency of permit processes in Sweden," said Ms Comstedt Webb.

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