Cement prices rise in Zimbabwe

Cement prices rise in Zimbabwe
14 September 2021

Zimbabwe's construction sector appears to be on course for a revival, driven by public spending on infrastructure and private development. However, a recent increase in cement prices could restrict the recovery. On average, a 50kg bag, which ordinarily costs around US$10.50, is now around US$13.

An intermittent supply of cement on the local market looks to be behind the high cement prices, according to The Herald. The price hike has resulted in a rise in cheap imports from the region, particularly from Zambia, as many dealers look to fill the supply gap.

Industry and Commerce Minister, Dr Sekai Nzenza, has said the government has engaged the National Competitiveness Commission to undertake an analysis of the cost drivers of cement and offer recommendations. Dr Nzenza also stated that the country would increase surveillance of cement imports from the region to protect local companies and customers from sub-standard shipments.

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