Fancesa increases clinker sales to Chile

Fancesa increases clinker sales to Chile
20 September 2021

Bolivia-based Fancesa will be delivering an 8000t clinker shipment to Chile, following the 1000t cargo to CBB in the neighbouring state last month, according to Correo del Sur.

The company is currently carrying out a study into the sale of clinker and has requested collaboration from the local transport sector, according to Amael España, the company’s legal receiver. “I'm sure the carriers will help us. We have to be competitive by lowering prices and keeping up with international competition. We closed this management period with an order of 8000t and we plan to export 80,000t next,” he said.

Fancesa is also planning to sell cement to Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. A business commission will travel to Peru analyse the current conditions of the export route.

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