Cementa obtains 1-year mining permit

Cementa obtains 1-year mining permit
19 November 2021

Sweden’s government has given Cementa (HeidelbergCement) permission to continue its limestone mining for another year after the previous permit expired on 31 October 2021. The new permit is valid until and including December 2022 and was granted to avoid the risk of acute cement shortage in Sweden.

“It is positive that the government has considered the application and given Cementa a temporary permit. That it was about a year's permit instead of the three years we applied for will, however, be challenging,” says Karin Comstedt Webb, head of sustainability and public relations within Cementa and HeidelbergCement northern Europe.

“A year is a very short time to get a new permit in place. We now assume that the authorities involved in the forthcoming permit review will act urgently and constructively,” she added.

After the announcement of the permit, the mining business can start up immediately, which will also happen. However, the government's decision can be appealed. If the Supreme Administrative Court were to decide on an inhibition during the process, the activities will be stopped until the case has been decided.

“Despite the temporary permission from the government, the situation for cement production is associated with significant uncertainties, and there may still be a shortage situation depending on what happens in the future,” says Magnus Ohlsson, CEO and marketing director at Cementa.

The process for a shorter permit of 3-4 years has started. The consultation period when comments are obtained prior to the preparation of the application runs until 5 December 2021.

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