Buzzi Unicem launched CGreen in Germany and Italy

Buzzi Unicem launched CGreen in Germany and Italy
23 February 2022

Buzzi Unicem has launched the new product line called CGreen, a family of CO2 efficient cements, on the Italian and German markets. 

CGreen marks the natural evolution of Buzzi Unicem's hydraulic binders, continuing in the footsteps of a long tradition of high-quality, high-performance products. The CGreen line was developed by selecting suitable active additions, partially replacing clinker, optimising grinding and mixing conditions and using new generation additives, at the same time keeping the required technical performance. 

"The ecological transition," explains Antonio Buzzi, chief operating officer Cemento Italia, "calls for us to adapt our behaviours and actions in order to neutralise our carbon footprint: we all have a responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions, which are considered a key factor in amplifying the greenhouse effect and, consequently, climate change. This transition, therefore, implies the partial or total redesign of production processes, distribution systems and consumption patterns, heralding the start of a potential industrial revolution and a change in our habits." 

CGreen will be the distinguishing trademark for low-carbon footprint cements in all countries where the group operates. In particular today, Dyckerhoff ECO COMFORT and Dyckerhoff CEDUR cements, launched on the German market, join the CGreen family. 

Dirk Beese, managing director Dyckerhoff GmbH: “The CGreen cements Dyckerhoff ECO COMFORT and CEDUR are our new cements with a carbon footprint up to 39 per cent lower compared to standard Portland cements. These cements are our solution to the increasing demand for CO2 efficient cements in our markets.” 

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