Authorities investigate aggression at Cruz Azul plant

Authorities investigate aggression at Cruz Azul plant
02 May 2022

Authorities in the State of Hidalgo and the Cruz Azul Cooperative are investigating an incident at the Cruz Azul cement plant in Mexico on April 27, 2022, which left eight people dead. The Hidalgo prosecutor, Alejandro Habib, said that of the 10 people arrested for the confrontation at the plant, most came from municipalities of the State of Mexico, reportedly sent to take control of the plant by force.  

Those arrested following the confrontation are from Tlapacoya, Nezahualcóotl, Tecáac, Valle de Chalco, Chimalhuacá, Los Reyes La Paz, and one from Iztapalapa, Mexico City, according to security sources consulted, while five of the injured are from the State of Mexico and another five from the Tula area. Further investigations are now underway.

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