2022 conference volume provides latest calcium aluminate cement knowledge

2022 conference volume provides latest calcium aluminate cement knowledge
22 July 2022

Following the International Conference on Calcium Aluminates 2022, the conference’s proceedings have been published as a 540-page volume, edited by Dr Charles Fentiman and Raman Mangabhai.

This volume contains over 50 international contributions with the most up-to-date information about calcium aluminates and their unique properties. The proceedings cover a wide range of topics: new types, hydration and durability studies including blended systems, the latter are now widely used and some of these have significantly different hydration chemistry to the pure calcium aluminates. A variety of applications of these interesting cements is also covered, including traditional applications such as concretes for contrasting marine situations (seabed and coastal), temperature-resistant refractory applications, formulated blended systems within the building chemistry sector along with the necessary admixtures and the many uses in corrosive biogenic situations that give sewage system infrastructure a considerably longer lifespan.  Other new applications such as 3D printing, thermochemical storage encapsulation, oil well cements, and ettringite-based repair systems are also explored.

The peer-reviewed papers presented in these proceedings include a wide variety of techniques used by the authors to deliver new understanding of aspects of these cements and will undoubtedly drive future research into the various aspects of these cements.

The proceedings are available from Whittles Publishing: www.whittlespublishing.com/Calcium_Aluminates

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