KHD secures first Pyrorotor® contract in Turkey

KHD secures first Pyrorotor® contract in Turkey
16 August 2022

After demonstrating continuous success over the last few years, predominantly in the Asia-Pacific region, KHD has now received its first Pyrorotor® order in Turkey. A modular add-on to any existing calciner, the Pyrorotor allows very high thermal substitution rates (TSR) with almost no pre-processing of even the lowest-quality alternative fuels, according to the company.

KÇS Kipaş Çimento AŞ awarded the supply and engineering contract to Humboldt Wedag GmbH for the installation of a Pyrorotor on a production line at the producer's plant in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey.

The Pyrorotor will enable KÇS to continuously achieve a TSR above 90 per cent in the calciner. At the same time, thanks to the principle of staged combustion, the upgrade will also ensure NOx emissions from the pyroprocess are kept below 800mg NO2/Nm3, a statement by KHD said.

The scope of the contract consists of design, engineering and supply of all equipment for the Pyrorotor. There will be no need to interrupt production during the project erection phase. Only a brief stoppage is foreseen to assemble the gas duct connections shortly before the final commissioning, which is scheduled for early in the 3Q23.

This project marks the 11th Pyrorotor unit contracted worldwide.

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