Holcim Belgium joins Fluxys CO2 network

Holcim Belgium joins Fluxys CO2 network
19 September 2022

Holcim Belgium is joining forces with Fluxys to meet the cement producer's carbon neutral objectives as part of its Go4Zero programme. The first phase of Go4Zero is the construction of a dry-process clinker kiln at Holcim’s Obourg site, replacing the two current wet-process kilns. Once completed, the kiln will be capable of producing 6000tpd of clinker, making it the largest in Europe. Due to be operational in 2026, the project represents an investment of over EUR400m. 

Once the new kiln is on stream, attention will turn to the processing of CO2 in terms of its capture, purification, transport and reuse. As part of this process, Holcim is planning to build a cryogenic carbon treatment unit at the Obourg site by early 2028. The aim is to ship purified CO2 via the Fluxys open-access CO2 transport network with a view to its sequestration under the North Sea or reuse as a new raw material for the chemical and energy sectors. In so doing, Holcim Belgium is paving the way for creating new ecosystems – a 'Green Valley' – around CO2 chemistry and the circular economy. 

“Holcim's interest in our CO2 network project at the Mons industrial cluster confirms the efforts industries are making to find solutions for decarbonising their activities. We're here to meet that need, which is why we offer them an open-access CO2 network they can use to transport their captured CO2 to storage or reuse sites. This kind of network helps achieve climate objectives and contributes to the long-term viability of the economy," explains Pascal de Buck, CEO, Fluxys. 

“Decarbonising the cement industry is extremely difficult due to the CO2 emissions inevitably generated by the manufacturing process. A CCUS (carbon capture utilisation and sequestration) solution is essential if Obourg is to become the first carbon-neutral cement manufacturer in northwest Europe. We are delighted to be working with Fluxys on CO2 transport so we can accelerate our implementation of the CCUS solutions set out in the Go4Zero programme. By joining the pioneers, we want to set new standards for future clinker manufacturing plants,” says Holcim Belgium CEO, Bart Daneels.

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