CEMEX launches Regenera circularity business

CEMEX launches Regenera circularity business
26 January 2023

CEMEX has announced the launch of Regenera, a business that provides circularity solutions, including reception, management, recycling, and co-processing of waste. Regenera leverages CEMEX’s global footprint and the ability of its production processes to use non-recyclable refuse and industrial by-products as more sustainable substitutes for fossil fuels and natural raw materials.

According to CEMEX, Regenera aims to serve a diverse client base which includes industrial, manufacturing, and waste collection companies, NGOs, and governments. It provides sustainable solutions for three major waste streams: municipal and industrial, construction, demolition, and excavation (CDEW), and industrial byproducts. Regenera is present in CEMEX’s four regions: Mexico, the US, Europe/Middle East and Asia, and South-Central America and the Caribbean.

“The building materials industry can be a major contributor to a more circular society, and its role in sustainably disposing of waste and byproducts is key to a greener economy,” said Fernando A González, CEO of CEMEX. “CEMEX has over 20 years of experience managing and utilising alternative fuels and raw materials, Regenera is the natural evolution of this experience and an important avenue for revenue generation through sustainable businesses.”

Regenera forms part of CEMEX’s growing Urbanization Solutions business, which reported double-digit growth in both sales and EBITDA in the 3Q22. 


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