Adoçim Çimento starts Turkish earthquake relief project

Adoçim Çimento starts Turkish earthquake relief project
13 February 2023

Titan Cement Group has responded to the earthquake catastrophe in Turkey by its Adoçim Çimento subsidiary being among the first to launch donation relief project. Relief goods, including food, clothing, and heaters, were shipped to the people of one of the most impacted areas, reaching them in less than 48h  after the earthquake.

In addition, Adoçim Çimento has offered fuel and food supplies to the Rescue Team of Greece, who are continuing their heroic efforts in one of Turkey’s most suffering provinces. 

More initiatives, both at group level and by Titan Cement’s business units, are already being planned, while the company’s teams in Turkey are working closely with local authorities to learn more about how we can help the affected communities. 

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