Dyckerhoff supplies cement for Düsseldorf light rail project

Dyckerhoff supplies cement for Düsseldorf light rail project
17 February 2023

Dyckerhoff is supplying cement and concrete for a new route is being built for the U 81 light rail line, which will connect Düsseldorf airport with the existing light rail network, thus enabling a direct journey from the airport via the old town to the main train station.

In the first construction phase, which is 1.9km-long, not only two bridges are being built, one of them almost 0.5km long, but also a ~200m-long dam structure and a ~400m-long tunnel with an underground train station at the airport terminal. Various ramps are also being built, as well as two ground-level stretches. 

Between October 2020 and December 2022, Dyckerhoff’s Rhein-Ruhr concrete branch supplied the construction sites with around 60,000 m³ of concrete for the shell construction from its Kaarst and Düsseldorf plants. Around 11,000 m³ will follow by the end of 2023.

Mainly cement with reduced clinker content
Cements supplied from the Dyckerhoff plant in Neuss have blastfurnace slag as the main component in addition to cement clinker. Due to their low heat of hydration, they are well suited for structural and civil engineering constructions as well as for massive components and offer a high resistance to water attacking concrete. According to standards, HOZ Doppel can contain up to 65 per cent and AQUADUR Doppel up to 80 per cent blastfurnace slag, which also positively affects the CO2 footprint. The CO2 footprint (net GWP) of the HOZ Doppel is ~39 per cent smaller, and that of the AQUADUR Doppel ~52 per cent lower than pure Portland cement of strength class 42.5 N. Therefor, both cements  are part of the CGreen product line.

Three further construction phases are planned in the project, which extend the route of the U 81 via a Rhine crossing in the direction of Neuss with connections to the towns of Meerbusch and Krefeld as well as in an easterly direction via the airport train station to Ratingen. 

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