Cement sales in Vietnam drop 39% in January

Cement sales in Vietnam drop 39% in January
21 February 2023

Domestic cement sales by Vietnam’s cement producers saw a 39 per cent YoY fall to 2.782Mt in January, reports VNCA, the country’s cement association.

Of this total, VICEM sales were down by 37 per cent YoY to 872,557t. Other VNCA member companies reported a 42 per cent drop in sales to 529,473t. Sales by non-member companies decreased by 40 per cent YoY to 1.38Mt.

Exports fell by 68 per cent YoY to 1.894Mt in January 2023 with clinker exports down 74 per cent You to 572,410t and cement exports down by 12 per cent YoY to 1,231,377t.

In January 2023,all clinker exports were by non-member companies, but cement exports were delivered by VICEM, other VNCA members and non-member companies alike. VICEM’s export sales in the first month of 2023 saw a 55 per cent YoY drop to 187,083t, but affiliated companies noted a 138 per cent YoY rise to 190,571t. Non-member producers exported 943,723t, representing a seven per cent YoY decline, in January 2023.

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