Vietnamese cement sales fall 19% YoY

Vietnamese cement sales fall 19% YoY
20 April 2023

Cement sales in Vietnam reached 6,161,029t in March 2023, down 19 per cent YoY but up 51 per cent MoM, according to the Vietnam National Cement Association (VNCA). Of this total, 2,013,276t were sold by VICEM. This represents a drop of 18 per cent YoY but a 72 per cent increase MoM. Other VNCA members saw sales of 1,217,753t, a decline of 30 per cent YoY but an advance of 38 per cent MoM. Non-affiliated companies reported total sales of 2,840,000t, down 14 per cent YoY but up 43 per cent MoM.

Total exports from Vietnam fell by six per cent YoY and four per cent MoM to 2,918,190t, according to the VNCA. Of this total, clinker exports fell 27 per cent YoY to 1,356,290 but remained largely stable when compared with February 2023. VICEM exported 54,905t of clinker, down 53 per cent YoY, but the majority of clinker exports came from cement producers not affiliated with VNCA. They exported 1,301,385t, down 16 per cent YoY. Cement exports increased 23 per cent YoY to 1,561,900t but a seven per cent drop MoM was reported. VICEM exported 207,295t (-32 per cent YoY), other VNCA members 84,542t (-25 per cent YoY) and non-VNCA members 1,270,064t (up 49 per cent YoY).

January-March 2023 sales
In the January-March 2023 period total cement sales in Vietnam declined 16 per cent YoY to 13.023Mt. VICEM sales were down 17 per cent YoY to 4.197Mt while other VNCA members saw total sales fall by 24 per cent YoY to 2.627Mt. Non-affiliated members reported a 12 per cent drop to 6.2Mt.

Exports were down 25 per cent to 7.842Mt in the January-March 2023 period when compared to January-March 2022. Clinker exports halved to 3.288Mt while cement exports increased by 15 per cent to 4.554Mt. VICEM exported 54,905t of clinker, up 14 per cent YoY, while other VNCA members saw a 96 per cent drop in clinker exports to 19,500t in the 1Q23. Non-affiliated cement producers saw clinker exports fall by 43 per cent YoY to 3.214Mt in the first three months of 2023. Cement exports by VICEM declined 28 per cent YoY to 707,225t in the January-March period, but both other VNCA members and non-affiliated producers reported significant YoY increases in cement exports. Other VNCA members saw a 57 per cent surge in cement exports to 468,720t while non-affiliated producers reported a 27 per cent YoY advance to 3.378Mt.

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