Geocycle to build new Cumberland alternative fuel facility

Geocycle to build new Cumberland alternative fuel facility
13 June 2023

Geocycle US and Allegany County Department of Economic & Community Development are excited to announce a multi-year lease agreement for a 40,000ft2 facility in the Barton Business Park, Cumberland, Maryland, USA.

The lease will allow Geocycle to establish a new state-of-the-art preprocessing facility in the Mid-Atlantic region that will serve the needs of industrial customers in the area and reinforce their commitment to transition toward a more integrated circular economy.  

The new Geocycle facility in Cumberland will process up to 75,000tpa of off-spec products, and other residuals from industrial or manufacturing operations, producing high-quality alternative fuels for cement kilns. This project will generate up to 10 highly-qualified direct jobs and up to 30 indirect jobs. Geocycle is planning to begin upgrading the facility with new equipment by August. 

“We’re excited to welcome Geocycle to Allegany County,” says Dave Caporale, Allegany County Commission president. “Welcoming a new business is always great, but we are thrilled to be introducing a business who offers sustainable solutions to create cleaner and healthier communities, promote circular models, and reduce carbon footprint.”

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