Vietnam cement sales contract 16% in 2023

Vietnam cement sales contract 16% in 2023
24 January 2024

Cement sales in Vietnam declined by seven per cent to 5,295,422t in December 2023, reports the Vietnam National Cement Association (VNCA). Of this total, 1,567,174t of cement was sold by VICEM, which saw sales drop by 13 per cent YoY, while other VNCA members sold 988,248t, 17 per cent less than in December 2022. Non-affiliated cement companies saw their sales edge up by one per cent YoY as they dispatched 2.740,000t.

Total exports in December 2023 declined by 16 per cent YoY to 2,571,584t, down 16 per cent YoY. Clinker exports dropped by 38 per cent YoY to 1,064,819t while cement exports increased by 12 per cent YoY to 1,506,765t in December 2023. VICEM exported 16,599t of clinker, down 59 per cent YoY, while its cement exports in December 2023 were stable at 165,437t. Other VNCA members saw a drop of 60 per cent in clinker exports to 71,240t, but reported a 256 per cent increase of cement exports to 313,511t in the last month of the year. Non-affiliated cement companies exported 976,980t of clinker, down 34 per cent YoY, and 1,027,817t of cement, down six per cent YoY in December 2023.

January-December 2023
For the full-year 2023, VNCA reported a 16 per cent drop in domestic cement sales to 56.621Mt. VICEM sales declined by 17.6 per cent YoY to 17.633Mt, while sales by other VNCA members dropped by 23.6 per cent YoY to 11.35Mt.

Exports slipped by one per cent YoY to 31.245Mt in 2023 as clinker sales fell by 28 per cent YoY to 10.932Mt and cement sales increased by 24 per cent YoY to 20.313Mt. VICEM’s exports in 2023 consisted of 76,133t of clinker, down 87 per cent YoY, and 165,437t of cement, down 14 per cent YoY. Other VNCA members exported 199,490t of clinker, down 84 per cent YoY, and 2.71Mt of cement, up 133 per cent YoY. Non-affiliated members saw clinker exports fall 21 per cent YoY to 10.656Mt while cement exports increased by 24 per cent YoY to 14.776Mt.

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