Botswana to boost production by 20% by September

Botswana to boost production by 20% by September
20 May 2024

Cement production in Botswana is expected to increase by 20 per cent in preparation for new import restrictions being introduced by the country’s government from the strat of October. In a move designed to control the influx of imported cement, the Botswana government announced its intention to limit cement imports into the country to 1000kg quantities and no less, reports The Voice. 

Cement demand in the country is currently around 0.6Mta with local cement production estimated at 0.45Mta. According to the Botswana Cement Manufacturers Association (BCMA), cement production capacity in the country stands at around 0.48Mta but this is expected to rise by 20 per cent before the new restrictions come into force. 

“Our members resolved to adjust and ready their production levels in anticipation of the anticipated increased demand on local pre-packed output. There were various commitments made, including operational efficiencies and increased production hours going up from single to three-shift systems as an example, members have committed to investing in increased capacity and improved logistical efficiencies ahead of implementation date,” explained Nkosi Mwaba, chairman, BCMA. 

The association is also working with Botswana Railways regarding bulk deliveries of raw materials and with Morupule power stations for the supply of fly ash, reports The Voice. 

“We are in the process of engaging trucking associations for their readiness and support, customs and excise through common entry ports for awareness and readiness and other players within the value chain. The increase in capacity is also in anticipation of the increase in construction projects expected over the next three years in Botswana. These are firm commitments made to ease market fears and give assurances to consumers,” added Mr Mwaba.

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