Indonesia Country Report 2020

Indonesian Country Report 2020

Indonesian Country Report 2020

Indonesia, the largest economy in southeast Asia, has an attractive growth market with a young and dynamic population, significant infrastructure and housing needs, and is ranked as the sixth-largest consumer of cement in the world.

Targeted by the biggest cement players in the world and enjoying high levels of domestic and regional investment, Indonesia’s cement industry is set to expand considerably over the next five years.

The 64-page Indonesia Country Report 2020 presents a comprehensive review of the cement sector in Indonesia, with commentary on the drivers of cement consumption, analysis of company strategies, performance and market share, plus full datasets providing essential insights into all aspects of the industry from consumption, production and trade, to costs and pricing. Full five-year (2015E-20F) forecasts are included.

Table of contents

1 Executive summary

2 The Indonesian economy
Historical performance
Key economic data
Recent trends
Construction sector
Major projects

3 Cement demand
Cement consumption
Regional breakdown
Demand segments
Bagged versus bulk
Secondary and retail markets
Key products in the market

4 Cement supply
Major producers in Indonesia
Regional cement market and impact on Indonesia
2015 disappoints
Integrated cement plants operating in 2015
Cement and clinker production and cement
  capacity utilisation
Exports and imports

5 Cement distribution
Cement prices
Market shares

6 Sector outlook
Demand outlook
New capacity and supply-demand balance
Potential M&A activity
Risks and threats

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This report is no longer available for purchase. For the latest cement industry information on Indonesia, please purchase The Global Cement Report - 12th Edition.