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Gearing up for Geseke GeZero

12 March 2024, Published under Cement News

Under the GeZero project at its Geseke cement plant in Germany, Heidelberg Materials envisions establishing the first inland cement plant featuring a “first of its kind” full-chain carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility. Spanning from source to sink, the company outlines the scale, scope and set-up of the project, as well as the oxyfuel technology process at its core. By Tolga Timirci and Tanuj Pant, Heidelberg Materials, Germany. Figure 1: Heidelberg Materials’ existing Geseke cem...

Is cement falling behind in its CO2 removal efforts?

08 March 2024, Published under Cement News

In a week when it has been recorded that the cement sector is falling short of its commitments to reduce carbon emissions, the fear of the sector's over-reliance on the value of carbon capture as a decarbonisation solution may well be easing as alternative zero carbon solutions are starting to come to the fore. A report by Oxford University on the 'State of Carbon Dioxide Removal' (CDR) across the globe has revealed that many industries are falling behind in their targets to tackle decarb...

Rohrdorfer Zement breaks ground on CO2 capture plant

29 February 2024, Published under Cement News

Rohrdorfer Zement is building Austria's first large-scale CO 2 recovery plant in the cement industry. Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler, Provincial Councillor Markus Achleitner and Provincial Councillor Stefan Kaineder broke ground at Rohrdorfer Zement GmbH in Gmunden this week.   The plant can recover 30,000tpa of CO 2 , enabling the production of 50,000tpa of CO 2 -free cement. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in late autumn 2026.

GCCA launches Innovandi Open Challenge 2024

21 February 2024, Published under Cement News

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has launched Innovandi Open Challenge 2024. This is a pioneering international programme that brings together tech start-ups and leading manufacturers in the pursuit of net zero. Applications are being encouraged from start-ups from around the world, interested in working on the development of carbon capture use and storage, for low-carbon cement and concrete. The initiative seeks Innovative technologies, which include process integrated a...

Petrofac wins CO2 capture role at Cauldon Cement plant

25 January 2024, Published under Cement News

Petrofac’s consulting team, based in Woking, UK, is delivering several early engineering scopes, including feasibility and technology selection, that will identify opportunities for capturing CO 2 at the Lafarge Cauldon plant , Stoke-on-Trent, UK. The facility currently emits over 600,000tpa of CO 2 from its operations, through the burning of tyre chips, liquid solvent, solid recovered fuel (SRF), processed sewage pellets (PSP) and coal for fuel. CO 2 captured at the Cauldon facili...

CEMEX joins CCS+ Initiative

19 January 2024, Published under Cement News

CEMEX is the first company in the cement industry to join the CCS+ Initiative, a multi-stakeholder platform developing a comprehensive carbon accounting framework for certifying industrial carbon projects. This framework aims to encompass solutions for carbon capture, utilisation, storage, and removal, contributing to the decarbonisation of industrial value chains.  The CCS+ Initiative aims to scale cutting-edge climate technologies by developing a robust carbon accounting infrastructure ...

Capsol Technologies awarded Schwenk Latvia CCUS project

12 January 2024, Published under Cement News

Capsol Technologies has been awarded a feasibility study for the CapsolEoP® (end-of-pipe) carbon capture technology at Schwenk’s Building Material Group’s Brocēni cement plant in Latvia. The plan is to capture 750,000tpa of CO 2 .   Schwenk Latvia is part of the CCS Baltic Consortium that was included in the provisional sixth list of Projects of Common Interest by the European Commission in November 2023, aiming to transport captured CO 2 from Lithuania and Latvia to permanent storage ...

Edmonton’s edge: CCUS pilot readies for testing

09 January 2024, Published under Cement News

With several CCUS projects in various stages of development, the global cement industry is looking to use CCUS as a key part of its decarbonisation efforts. At Heidelberg Materials’ plant in Edmonton, Canada, the company is developing the world’s first industrial full-scale CCUS unit for the cement sector. By Corwyn Bruce and David Perkins, Heidelberg Materials North America, USA. Heidelberg Materials is developing the world’s first industrial full-scale CCUS unit at its cement plant ...

Carbon capture catch-up

08 January 2024, Published under Cement News

With carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) identified as the key lever to decarbonise the global cement industry, ICR highlights some of the leading projects currently underway to trial and scale up CCUS technology that are due to complete in 2024-25, and those to look out for in 2026 and beyond.   The carbon capture plant at the Heidelberg Materials’ cement plant in Brevik, Norway, aims to capture and store 400,000tpa of CO2 (© Heidelberg Materials AG) In 2021 the G...

TITAN announces IFESTOS grant agreement with EU Innovation Fund

19 December 2023, Published under Cement News

TITAN has signed a Grant Agreement with the EU Innovation Fund for IFESTOS, its pioneering carbon capture project in Greece, following its selection in July, in the context of the fund’s third call for large-scale projects. The EU Innovation Fund, one of the world’s largest funding programmes for innovative low-carbon technologies, will support TITAN's project with a grant of EUR234m. IFESTOS is poised to accelerate the green transformation of the Greek building materials industry and ...