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Argos announces US$23m investment in Honduran strategic projects

21 December 2021, Published under Cement News

Argos will invest US$23m in several projects to improve operations at its Honduran plants. The investment is also expected to support the country’s growth and development. The company will expand its installed capacity at Piedras Azules, Comayagua, to increase its annual cement production by 35 per cent as it forecasts accelerated market demand. Furthermore, Argos will invest in renewable energy by expanding its solar farm in Comayagua, which was opened in 2020, and currently consists of...

CEMEX joins the UN CFO Taskforce to promote sustainability goals

21 December 2021, Published under Cement News

CEMEX SA de CV has joined the United Nations (UN) Global Company CFO Taskforce for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as the company continues to align its financial strategy to its leadership in addressing climate change, the company announced. The CFO Taskforce for the SDGs has three main goals: to engage the global CFO community, to integrate the SDGs into strategy, financing, and investor relations, and to create a broad sustainable finance market. Members of the UN Global Compact...

Cruz Azul legal dispute risks sustained cement production

20 December 2021, Published under Cement News

Mexico-based cement producer Cruz Azul is currently facing a legal conflict in its plant in Tula, Hidalgo, that threatens to impact cement production. The plant currently employs 1300 workers and two groups are seeking control of the company. A day after the failed seizure of the facilities that the dissident group intended that resulted in a riot, the cooperative members chaired by Federico Sarabia, warned that due to the series of sabotage and actions taken against them by the group led ...

Holcim El Salvador awards solar park contract

10 December 2021, Published under Cement News

Holcim El Salvador awarded the contract for the construction of a solar park to AES El Salvador. The solar power facility would be built at its El Ronco cement plant in Metapan in the second half of 2022. As part of the US$19m investment AES would be responsible for the installation of 39,200 solar panels as well as the operation of the photovoltaic park for 15 years. The facility is expected to generate 17MW of renewable energy, accounting for 21 per cent of the energy required for cement...

Cuban cement industry expected to recover in 2022

08 December 2021, Published under Cement News

Cuba’s cement industry is forecast to show significant signs of recovery in 2022 with a production of 1.4Mt of cement, according to the country’s Construction Minister, Réné Mesa Villafaña. “It [cement] will continue to be produced at the José Mercerón factory in Santiago de Cuba, transporting clinker produced at Cienfuegos by cabotage. If the Siguaney kiln in Sancti Spíritus remains stable – as we have foreseen – we will then transfer a discrete amount of clinker from the Perla del Sur un...

Honduran cement prices frozen until end of 2021

08 December 2021, Published under Cement News

The price of a cement bag in Honduras will remain the same until 31 December 2021, according to the country’s Secretary of Economic Development (SDE), the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP) and the Honduran Chamber of Industry and Construction (CHICO). The head of the SDE, María Antonia Rivera, said that "the most important thing is to maintain the stabilisation of the price that was applied on November 30, which will be maintained for 30 days and we are going to create the wor...

Fire at Cruz Azul’s Tula operations

29 November 2021, Published under Cement News

A fire broke out at Cruz Azul’s facility in Tula de Allende, Mexico, on Sunday morning. The flames were reportedly located at the company’s limestone conveyor belt. The fire was extinguished within two hours, but around 500m of the belt has been damaged. Operations are not expected to affected, while repair work will last between 15-20 days. 

Cement demand continues climb in El Salvador in July

26 November 2021, Published under Cement News

Apparent cement consumption in El Salvador increased 45.9 per cent YoY to 180,611t (4249.67 bags) from 123,779t (2912.45 bags) in July 2020, according to Casalco. In the January-July 2021 period apparent demand saw a 57.3 per cent increase to 1,100,926t (25,904.15 bags) from 699,989t (16,470.33 bags) in the 7M20. In October 2021 the ex-works price remained stable MoM at US$8.09 per 42.5kg bag. Retail prices edged up further to US$8.82/bag in October, representing a YoY rise of five per...

Salvadoran cement market expands 60% in 6M21

25 November 2021, Published under Cement News

Apparent cement consumption in El Salvador surged by 59.7 per cent to 920,315t (21,654.48 bags) in January-June 2021 from 576,210t (13,557.88 bags) in the equivalent period of 2020, according to Casalco. In June alone, 102,413t (2409.71 bags) were sold on the domestic market, representing a 24.4 per cent increase when compared with June 2020 sales of 82,345t (1937.54 bags). Cement prices in El Salvador rose 6.9 per cent YoY from US$7.87 per 42.5kg bag to US$8.09/bag, ex-works – including V...

Holcim and Cemex among founding members of First Movers Coalition

05 November 2021, Published under Cement News

Holcim and Cemex are among the companies that have joined the First Movers Coalition (FMC) as founding members at COP26 to drive green demand and carbon technologies to advance climate goals. The initiative aims to accelerate innovation and the development of early-stage decarbonisation technologies by leveraging their combined purchasing power. The coalition will work across the eight key hard-to-abate industries of cement, steel, aluminium, chemicals, shipping aviation and trucking, a...