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Conch: window on 2025

16 March 2020, Published under Cement News

The dramatic expansion of the Chinese cement market over the past three decades has been nothing short of an economic miracle. ICR speaks with Dengbang Gao, chairman of the Conch Group (China) and president of the China Cement Association, about the growth of the domestic sector and the achievements of Conch Group in China and abroad. Dengbang Gao, chairman of Conch Group (China) and president of the China Cement Association ICR: Cement consumption in China has grown at an asto...

Asia’s plastic potential

09 March 2020, Published under Cement News

With the highest consumption of plastic in the world and representing two-thirds of global cement production, five Asian countries provide the opportunity to address the worldwide issue of non-recyclable plastic waste. By Dr Kåre Helge Karstensen, Palash Kumar Saha, Eirik Vigerust, Anneli Alatalo Paulsen, Dr Christian John Engelsen and Dr Mehdi Ahmadi, SINTEF, Norway. Collection of plastic in Binh Duong, Vietnam, January 2020 A total of 6.3bnt of plastic waste was created global...

Coronavirus' impact on cement

06 March 2020, Published under Cement News

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has already made a leap out of China and is rapidly affecting international communities and stock markets around the world. The cement sector has not been immune from being caught up in events and not just at the point of origin in Wuhan, China. While not widely reported, China's Hubei province was quick to try and expunge any spread of COVID-19 in February 2020 when it started taking medical waste from hospitals to be incinerated at cement plants. Four fully-en...

China’s cautious confidence

04 March 2020, Published under Cement News

With most provinces reporting a growth in cement output, Chinese cement companies enjoyed a bountiful year in 2019, supported by stronger peak-season demand and stable, high prices. For 2020 industry sentiment is one of cautious confidence despite a forecast indicating that demand will slip slightly. Furthermore, the current coronavirus outbreak is also expected to affect cement demand in the first half of the year. By Fei Chen and Bailin Chen, China Cement Association, China. Improvi...

The noise about fans

11 February 2020, Published under Cement News

Fans are widely used to move air in a range of industries, including the cement industry. However, if not suitably insulated they can give rise to noise issues and impact the wellbeing of cement plant staff and local residents. In this article, Halifax Fan looks at noise levels from fans and how to reduce their impact. By Dr John Irons, Halifax Fan, UK, and Jessie Jia, Halifax Fan, China. Two sinter cooling fans located close to each other with ducting Sound is fluctuating air p...

Jiangxi Wannianqing Cement projects profit increase for 2019

21 January 2020, Published under Cement News

China’s Jiangxi Wannianqing Cement has projected its net profit to rise from CNY1.1bn (US$160.26m) to between CNY1.28-1.5bn for 2019. The company has attributed the profit increase to the structural reforms of the cement industry and steady growth in demand for the region where it is based. This has resulted in the advancement of the company’s cement sales and product prices.

Gansu Qilianshan Cement expects 85% rise in profit

15 January 2020, Published under Cement News

China’s Gansu Qilianshan Cement expects to realise a net profit of around CNY1.21bn (US$174m) in 2019, an increase of approximately 85 per cent compared to CNY654.8m last year. The company has attributed the results to an increase in product sales and improved cost control after upgrading the efficiency of its production and operations.

West China Cement has new CFO

15 January 2020, Published under Cement News

Chu Yufeng has been appointed chief financial officer of West China Cement. The company stated that his predecessor Chan King Sau ceased to be CFO, according to Reuters.

China's 2020 demand growth forecast increases

10 January 2020, Published under Cement News

Nomura has increased its 2020 demand growth forecast for China from three per cent to five per cent following expectations that Beijing will continue to support its property and infrastructure sectors. The Asian financial services company has seen further room for Beijing to loosen its restrictions on property transactions and investment to shore up economic growth. Plans to build new city clusters will also stay on track and increase cement demand by providing a boost to infrastructure spe...

Huaxin Cement plans share buy-back scheme

20 December 2019, Published under Cement News

China’s Huaxin Cement has announced its intention to buy back company shares worth around CNY100-125m (US$14.21-17.76m) within the next 12 months. The company also stated its plans to issue offshore bonds worth up to US$500m.