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Re: Ring Formation

hello,   i am also intrested your technique removing big clinker balls without kiln shutdown.   Thank you

Re: high free lime

It looks your raw meal composition is unsaturated in silica. Therefore, it is also aggressive to refractory products...

liquid viscosity and surface tension

Hello, As it is know that both liquid viscosity and surface tension are important as much as liquid amount in the k...

id fan (preheater fan) inlet damper

4 stage preheater kiln, capacity of 1.200 tpd. we would like to eliminate pressure drop on the id fan inlet damper ...

Re: oxy-firing combustion

De ar Mr. Clark, Thank you for useful informations. Could you please tell that how you determined oxygen r...

Re: oxy-firing combustion

We would like to perform oxygen enriched air utilization in the kiln. Because there is reducing condition in the kil...

oxy-firing combustion

Hello, I am very interested about oxy-firing combustion and oxygen enriched membrane technology and other method se...

Re: raw meal homogenization

Hello, I think something misunderstood here. We have homo and stock silos for raw meal preparetion. They are big s...

Re: Kiln hood

Hello David,  I am sure you know that one of main process values is to have negative pressure in kiln hood. Positiv...

Re: raw meal homogenization

Something was wrong i am correcting; Not standart dev of feed back LSF, Standart dev. of mix is 0,50 Regards