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Re: Is this Decision Right........?

Dear Azhar, Please ask your seniors the logic behind their decision. We may get something new to know about. Gula...

Re: High fuel consumption

Dear Rajesh, How much kiln feed will be entrapped by existing gases. The very high value of ash does not corroborat...

Re: Pet Coke

Dear Saddam,   These things are secondary. Foremost one is cost economy. Low TPH of coal is no problem if it is co...

Re: Pet Coke

Dear Saddam,   I am not clear what you wanted to say.  Regards, Gulam Dastgir

Re: Cement Shelf life

Dear All, As per indian standards, cement with retention of more than 6 months, can only be used only after r...

Re: Pet Coke

Dear Ted, Alkali sulphate, perhaps, will not have to do much here, since it should be evaporating back towards ...

Re: Pet Coke

Dear Ted, How much gypsum consumption is generally encountered for nominal setting times, if the plant is utilising...

Re: Still Using Blaine?

Dear Quant, The volume for bed in air permeability cell is approximately fixed. You can find specific gravity of sa...

Re: Pet Coke

Dear Ted, It means that free lime be on higher side, if we use Pet coke? Regards, Gulam Dastgir

Re: Pet Coke

Dear Ted, Little confusion. Due to non conversion of C2S to C3S, because of high SO3, latter strength should have i...