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02 February 2004

Proposed cement plant is Maine concern

The attorney general of Maine has written a letter to Gov George Pataki expressing "strong concerns" about the proposed St. Lawrence Cement plant in Greenport. The letter from Steve Rowe, released thi

02 February 2004

Wait for Lafarge verdict

Residents in Westbury could have to wait until the end of March to learn whether the town’s cement works will be allowed to burn Recycled Liquid Fuel. Lafarge lodged an application to burn RLF f

30 January 2004

Union Cement looking at waste options

Union Cement Corp, Philippines has teamed up with government agencies in its quest to tap alternative materials such as used tyres, waste oil, solvents, sludge, resins, plastic, nonrecyclable paper, p

28 January 2004

Cement makers slam government CO2 draft

The UK cement industry has criticised the government’s draft National Allocation Plan that identifies "ceilings" on CO2 emissions from cement as part of an emissions trading scheme. British Ceme

Egyptian Suez Cement to get $5.0m enviro grant 27 January 2004

Egyptian Suez Cement to get $5.0m enviro grant

Egyptian cement producer Suez Cement will receive a US$5.0m grant from the National Societe Generale Bank (NSGB) to upgrade the filters of its cement plants, it was reported on January 26, 2004. The

25 January 2004

Ireland - €10m environment-friendly blow to CRH

New government measures to make up to 25 per cent of all cement used in public projects more environment-friendly could deliver a €10m blow to CRH. Draft proposals

USA – Holcim moving closer to Genevieve works 23 January 2004

USA – Holcim moving closer to Genevieve works

Holcim Inc was granted a draft clean air permit by the state’s Air Pollution Control programme for its proposed works just in Genevieve County.

22 January 2004

World – Global Greenhouse Gas Register launched at Davos

The World Economic Forum, currently in session at Davos, officially launched the Global Greenhouse Gas Register, developed in partnership with key international business and environmental organisation

20 January 2004

UK – Government tightens emission abatement targets

The UK government has come under fire from industry after proposing a 16.3 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2008 when compared with 1990 levels

17 January 2004

USA – Environmental award for Giant Cement

Giant Cement has received an environmental accolade of “exceptional pollution prevention and wildlife habitat results while mentoring others as community leaders in environmental stewardship”

17 January 2004

UK – Calls for reopening the Rugby-to-Stockton railway line

Lorry loads of clay from a new quarry at Stockton, Warwickshire, planned by Rugby Cement are causing

16 January 2004

Quarry rejection welcomed

Environmentalists have welcomed the rejection in court of an attempt to create Britain`s biggest quarry in the Western Isles. A French multi-national`s bid to excavate the so-called `superquarry` at L

08 January 2004

Ireland – Meat and bonemeal problem addressed

A government committee has concluded that the co-incineration of meat and bonemeal (MBM) in cement production and electricity generation can provide the country with a safe and efficient means of disp

06 January 2004

Spanish bonemeal

Valencia region, eastern Spain, used 75 per cent of the bonemeal made in the region as a fuel for the cement industry in the region, a representative of the Local Government, Rafael Blasco, said on Ja

05 January 2004

Spain – Cement plants burn 75 per cent of Valencia’s bonemeal

The region of Valencia, eastern Spain, burns 75 per cent of its bonemeal production in cement plants – the highest in Spain, according to local government representative, Rafael Blasco. The use of bon

05 January 2004

UK – Court rejects superquarry plan

Plans for a 600ha ‘super quarry’ at Lingerbay, Harris have received a setback for cement producer Lafarge as the Court of Session rejected the plans.