British Cement Association sees Climate Change as Pre-Budget Priority

British Cement Association sees Climate Change as Pre-Budget Priority
04 December 2006

The British Cement Association (BCA) today urged the Government to use this year’s Pre-Budget Statement to set out a clear path towards tackling greenhouse gas emissions through the taxation and regulatory systems whilst safeguarding national competitiveness.

BCA Chief Executive, Mike Gilbert, said: “Publication of the Stern Report emphasises the economic challenge presented by global warming. By taking action now, it may yet be possible to avert an environmental and economic catastrophe. We call on the Treasury to bring forward a package of financial and regulatory measures that encourage all parts of the economy to play its part.   The Chancellor must, however, take care to balance the action that needs to be taken against the potential harm to UK industry competitiveness. A 100% Climate Change Levy rebate for energy intensive industries who are part of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme with strict emission reduction targets would help protect and encourage investment and jobs here in the UK.

The cement industry has put sustainable development at the heart of its operations and is actively working to tackle climate change, having saved over three millions tonnes of CO2 since 1990. With greater government support for innovative technologies, such as carbon capture and storage, we are confident that we can do a lot more.
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