Cement plant to curb pollution, US

Cement plant to curb pollution, US
05 June 2006

Mountain Cement Co. and two environmental groups have signed an agreement to install pollution-control equipment at one of the plant’s kilns. Under the agreement signed Wednesday, a US$5m baghouse must be installed at Kiln No. 2 at the plant south of Laramie. The company also agreed to pay the environmentalists’ legal fees.

Mountain Cement President Stuart Tomlinson said he was glad to reach the agreement. "We’re always pleased to install new technology. We feel it’s good for the operational efficiency of the plant, for the community and the environment," he said.

But Connie Wilbert, of the Sierra Club in Laramie, said she was frustrated that it took Mountain Cement so long to get the document signed. "From our perspective, we are certainly glad that we finally have Mountain Cement signed off on this agreement. It was quite a disappointment that they refused to sign for six months after the agreement was worked out," she said.
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