Falcon Cement Company Bahrain

Falcon Cement Company Bahrain
22 February 2006

Falcon Cement Company has recently appointed India-based ERCOM Engineering Company to develop the design of the new cement plant which will cover an area of more than two million square feet in the Hufaira Industrial Area. The plant’s first construction phase is expected to take place during the first quarter of 2006 at a total cost of US $45 million. This is the first project of its kind in the Kingdom and is in line with the high demand for building products in Bahrain due to the current construction boom.

"The cement consumption growth level amounts to 18 per cent per year with a 50 per cent price increase during the last two years in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is due to the increase in volume and quantity of real estate projects that are expected to be carried out during the next seven to ten years, with a nominal value of US$6 billion,’ said Nabil Mohammed Hadi, Chairman, Falcon Cement Company.

’With the completion of Bahrain’s first indigenous cement plant, Falcon Cement Company hopes to bridge the gap between the high demand in the Kingdom for cement and actual cement production, which is done outside the country. With the completion of the plant, we hope to provide jobs for over 130 skilled, young nationals,’ added Mr. Hadi.
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