Colombia maintains cement demand

Colombia maintains cement demand
Published: 03 March 2014

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Colombian cement shipments reached 806,000t in January, according to national statistics office, Dane with better sales to the ready-mix concrete, builders and contractors segments supporting the result. Retail sales, however, fell 4.8 per cent.

Cement production in the South American country totalled 820,000t, a two per cent YoY increase.

Demand growth was strongest in the Magdalena department, where sales expanded 37.6 per cent. It was followed by Norte de Santander (+35.7 per cent) and Cundinamarca (+24.8 per cent). However, Córdoba and Bolívar fell by -50.9 and 23.8 per cent, respectively.

Over the past year, until January, cement sales in Colombia have increased 3.9 per cent while production advanced 3.8 per cent.