Venezuela: output at 16% of year forecast

Venezuela: output at 16% of year forecast
13 June 2016

Venezuelan cement producers have manufactured around 112,000t of cement in May, according to El Mundo or some 16 per cent of the forecast year total.

Industria Venezolana de Cemento (Invecem) reported an output of 52,522 while Venezolana de Cementos (Vencemos) produced 42,200t of its planned 266,000t. At Cement Andino some 29 per cent of the year total, or 16,273t. Fábrica Nacional de Cemento y Cerro Azul represent eight per cent of the month’s production.

In the January-April period, Invecem has produced 496,000t while Vencemos output reached 513,483t.
In the first five months, the country’s cement sector produced 1,227,101t or 15 per cent of the annual forecast. It is expected that total output for 2016 will reach 3Mt.

Venezuela’s cement industry is currently facing challenges such as a lack of equipment in the quarries and obtaining raw materials such as gypsum.

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