India: production halts at JK Cement Muddapur plant

India: production halts at JK Cement Muddapur plant
29 September 2016

JK Cement have announced that its 3Mta plant in Muddapur, Baglakot, India, has temporarily ceased operations. The clinker silo roof unexpectedly caved in, causing steel structural supports and a clinker conveyor drive station to fall into the silo. The decision to temporarily stop production was made for safety reasons and to avoid any collateral damage.

Production and dispatch will be resumed as soon as possible once the debris has been removed from the clinker silo and any necessary repairs are complete. Cement stored at depots will serve the market in the meantime. Alternative arrangements for kiln operation will be started shortly, which will normalise clinker and cement production from the unit within 15 days. However, complete restoration of the silo is expected to take six months.

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