Nuh Cimento awards KHD large upgrade project

Nuh Cimento awards KHD large upgrade project
19 May 2017

KHD has been awarded the contract to upgrade Nuh Cimento’s existing ball mill grinding unit in Hereke-Kocaeli located in Marmara region of Turkey. With this upgrade, the plant will increase the grinding capacity from 212tph to 408tph at 4000Blaine. This will be the largest upgrade project to date for KHD, the company noted in a statement.

Nuh Cimento has entrusted KHD with the upgrade of its ball mill system. The system contains one of the largest ball mills in the world (dia 5.8 m x 17.84m with a 10.4MW motor drive) and has been in operation for approximately nine years at the Hereke works. For the upgrade, KHD will install two new identical COMFLEX® grinding systems next to each other which can be operated independently for finish cement grinding or with ball mill on semi finish grinding mode.

The contract for engineering and equipment supply includes the following KHD core equipment:

  • Two COMFLEX® SC16-3250 clinker grinding units
  •     two roller press RPM 16-170/180 with ROLCOX® system for control and monitoring
  •     two type VS 620 cascade separators as static classifiers
  •     two SEPMASTER type SKS-VC 3250, high efficiency separators as dynamic classifiers
  •     two HKSK 190/265 system fan
  •     two-year spare parts package including one spare roller.

The concept includes two new COMFLEX® compact systems, in combination with the existing ball mill system. Additionally, the new compact system will allow for a significant reduction in the installation height of the COMFLEX® system.

The commissioning of the new COMFLEX® system at Nuh Cimento, in combination with the existing ball mill system, is planned for the beginning of 2018.

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