Fancesa gears up for exports to Paraguay, Argentina and Chile

Fancesa gears up for exports to Paraguay, Argentina and Chile
06 June 2018

Bolivian cement producer Fancesa will carry out market research in Paraguay, Argentina and Chile this year with a view to entering these markets as soon as the company’s new line is up and running in 2019.

While the decision to export was taken in January last year, it was not until last February that the company’s President, Eduardo Rivero, confirmed that the negotiations with Paraguay were moving in the final lap. However, it was expected that exports would start this year.

Four months later, the general manager of Fancesa, Marcelo Díaz, said the company would carry out this research with due diligence, to avoid the same situation as experienced by the Itacamba plant, “which did not go well”. “We do not want to make the same mistakes, we want to build exports that generate profit,” he added.

Fancesa is currently evaluating market conditions, price and transport options for exports to Paraguay. To reach the Paraguayan market, Fancesa will need to transport its product from Sucre, via Santa Cruz, to Puerto Quijarro, from where it will be transported by river. "The other option is to go to the south of Chuquisaca entering the Chaco, Monteagudo, we arrive to Macharetí or maybe to Villa Montes," Mr Díaz said.

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