Brazil bans 50kg bags for domestic use

Brazil bans 50kg bags for domestic use
21 June 2018

The Brazilian cement sector has been given a decade to phase out 50kg bags of cement and replace them with 25kg sacks following an agreement between the country’s cement producers and the government.

The step is to protect the health of workers that deliver the bags to work sites and according to the Department of Work “has the aim to bring the Brazilian industry in line with constitutional and international references to protect the health of the worker”.

Some 33 companies in the sector, as well as the Brazilian Portland Cement Association (ABCP), the National Syndicate of the Cement Industry (SNIC) and the Administrative Council of Economic Protection (CADE) have signed the agreement.

Companies that will not comply with the agreement by 31 December 2028 will be subject to a daily fine of BRL10,000 (US$3000). Bags with a weight of over 25kg will only be allowed for the export market.

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