Trinidad Cement helps promote safe building practices

Trinidad Cement helps promote safe building practices
06 November 2018

The Tobago House of Assembly and Trinidad Cement Ltd (TCL) collaborated to host a one-day concrete and cement symposium last week to promote best building practices.

TCL’s Group Commercial Strategy Advisor, Avalene Mooloo, noted the importance of strong infrastructure in the region.

"With the onslaught of the amount of natural disasters that has been occurring in the Caribbean for the last couple of years – Haiti all the way back to the last weekend in Trinidad – where we have been getting hit with earthquake, with hurricanes, with flooding. It is important that we understand the importance of resilient building that speaks to world class practices, as well as good quality engineering," said Ms Mooloo.

Amongst the topics of discussion were cement types and applications, new techniques in concrete application and soil stabilisation using concrete.

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