Taiwan Cement Co sets CO2 capture targets

Taiwan Cement Co sets CO2 capture targets
12 June 2019

Taiwan Cement Co (TCC) has committed a budget of TWD600m (US$19.1m) to expand its carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology this year. By 2025 the company estimates that it will capture approximately 450,000t of CO2 per year.

TCC's eventual aim is to reach zero CO2 emissions from its industrial facilities. TCC's vision is to make CO2 capture a mature technology, which can both mitigate global warming and add value to the carbon circular economy. The company is developing its calcium looping technology at the Hoping cement plant not only to capture CO2 but also to reduce the cost of cement production.

TCC's leadership in green technology has already earned it Asia's top corporate social responsibility accolade of the Asia Responsible Enterprise Award in 2019.

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