Catatumbo Cements faces disruption from road blockage

Catatumbo Cements faces disruption from road blockage
18 October 2019

The distribution of cement and other products, including clinker, has been disrupted in the Venezuelan municipalities of Rosario de Perijá and Machiques de Perijá due to the blocking of the main road that connects to the plant of Catatumbo Cements.

According to local media reports, a group of cooperatives in the area have closed the La Luna road. The transport cooperatives reportedly wish to obtain 100 per cent control of the transfer and supply of materials (cement, clinker, stone and gravel, among others) to various customers in the area and foreign states.

"This is a responsible company, with all approved systems of quality, safety and health environment, which also gives participation to all residents of the Villa del Rosario. The gentlemen of the external cooperative have been given an 80 per cent share of transport and when there is a permit to leave the clinker on the boats. These efforts have diminished in recent months and the owners of the cooperatives want to take full control of the transport, hindering the road, being a minority sector of the population," said Emeli Martínez, institutional relations manager of Cementos Catatumbo.

The plant usually handles around 25 deliveries every day, however, this has currently fallen to zero as a result of the actions of the cooperative.

Emeli Martínez also noted that the company has been performing maintenance work in some areas of the plant and require external staff and contractors to complete the work. As such, the works have also been affected by the disruptions.

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