Cemex launches Vertua® low-carbon concrete

Cemex launches Vertua® low-carbon concrete
24 July 2020

Cemex has launched Vertua® a low-carbon concrete range of products designed to offset residual CO2 and provide a CarbonNeutral® concrete product.

Vertuar achieves a 70 per cent reduction in embodied carbon emissions, claims Cemex. The range offers concrete solutions for foundations, floors and walls of buildings.

"Vertua® is part of our ambition to deliver net-zero CO2 concrete globally to all of our customers by 2050. It is also part of our effort to accomplish a 35 per cnet reduction of net specific CO2 emissions per tonne of cementitious product by 2030," said Davide Zampini, head of Cemex Global R&D and IP management.

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