Separation Technologies starts new fly ash reclamation process

Separation Technologies starts new fly ash reclamation process
24 February 2021

Separation Technologies (Titan Cement group) has commissioned the world's first industrial-scale fly ash drying and electrostatic separation plant to reclaim fly ash from nearby coal ash basins. 

Located at Talen Energy's Brunner Island Steam Electric Station, the pilot facility combines Separation Technologies’ new proprietary drying and screening system and electrostatic separation for removing unburned carbon from fly ash for use in concrete construction. Removing the unburned carbon improves the performance of the fly ash in concrete and transforms it from an unusable waste product into a desired and marketable building material. The Separation Technologies’ fly ash reclamation process results in the branded products of ProAsh® and EcoTherm®. 

"Fly ash pond and landfill reclamation represents the future of the supplementary cementitious materials industry," says Tom Cerullo, president of Separation Technologies.

"This breakthrough achievement represents Titan America's commitment to the reduction of CO2 through innovation as we plan to deploy this technology across the power generation and construction material sectors," says Bill Zarkalis, president and CEO of Titan America, LLC.

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