Geminor database for waste material recycling is launched

Geminor database for waste material recycling is launched
01 April 2021

GemiLAB  is a new database that will help analyse the quality of waste for material recycling and energy recovery. The database developed by Norway-based Geminor will assist in making cleaner fractions and better utilisation of waste in Europe.

GemiLAB is a database where the content of waste volumes can be registered and analysed from producers across Europe. Through this data gathering, it will be possible to assess the quality of waste fractions over time, says GemiLAB.

The database, which initially will be used to collect data on waste wood, is developed as a response to increased material recycling and the varying sorting routines in today's waste market.

However, GemiLAB will soon also collect data from other fractions for material recycling, as well as from waste fuels for energy recovery and cement production. The database will hopefully contribute to the development of international recycling, said Chief Operating Officer of Geminor, Ralf Schöpwinkel.

"To create an efficient circular economy where we can recycle much more of our waste, we must become better at designing clean and tailored waste fractions. Measuring the quality of fractions is very important in achieving this," said Mr Schöpwinkel.

"To design better fractions, we are very dependent on finding common international standards for quality fractions. In other words, we must find "best practice" and let everyone take part in this across Europe. A database such as GemiLAB is one of several tools that can help establish such quality standards," he concluded.

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