AfriSam's Centre for Product Excellence reduces carbon footprint

AfriSam's Centre for Product Excellence reduces carbon footprint
21 September 2021

AfriSam’s Centre for Product Excellence (CPE) is crucial to supporting customers in their quest for a low carbon future, according to the South Africa-based cement producer. The CPE is instrumental in pursuing environmental issues related to cement and concrete use, particularly for large projects where stakeholders prioritise the carbon footprint of the materials used. 

According to CPE Manager, Mike McDonald, AfriSam’s CPE, based in Roodepoort, Gauteng, is aiding AfriSam’s progress in becoming a leading producer of low-carbon cement and concrete. While ordinary Portland cement generates about a tonne of carbon dioxide per tonne of cement, AfriSam has standard products available that generate only half that amount of emissions per tonne. 

The facility also helps downstream customers improve their carbon footprint. The AfriSam CPE continues to act in COVID-19 times as an independent testing agency for customers and other parties. This valuable service is primarily for checking internal quality, but is regularly used by smaller ready-mix companies who do not have their own scientifically-accredited facilities. 

“The AfriSam CPE collaborates with customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint, leveraging our extensive expertise ensuring they can do this without compromising quality and integrity in their structures,” added McDonald.

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