Cementir Group launches D-Carb® for white cement

Cementir Group launches D-Carb® for white cement
26 April 2024

Cementir has launched a new Aalborg White Cement with a lower carbon footprint, D-Carb®, which presents a 15 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions when compared with CEM I 52.5R. D-Carb® is the first white cement in the market to match a lower-carbon footprint with high performances at early ages, claims Cementir. It is available in European markets before being launched globally.

"We are thrilled to introduce D-Carb®, our new umbrella brand for lower carbon cements, as part of Cementir Group’s ongoing commitment to address environmental challenges and climate change,” says Michele Di Marino, chief sales, marketing and commercial development officer of Cementir. “As a leading white cement producer, the successful rollout of D-Carb® is pivotal in advancing our 'net zero emissions' ambition. Embracing a customer-centric approach, the unveiling of this product is eagerly anticipated. D-Carb®, integrating lower-carbon, high performance and unique aesthetic value underscores our resilience in facing challenges in our decarbonisation efforts. We believe that D-Carb® will further support stakeholders in the value chain with lower- carbon finished products aligned with sustainable building standards." 

The synergy between well-known Aalborg White clinker and pure limestone has been optimised by choosing a fit-for-purpose grinding aid to achieve comparable performances to the company’s CEM I 52.5R at early ages, meeting the strict requirements of construction timelines. D-Carb® also inherits the extra properties given by the Aalborg White® clinker used, extremely low alkali and low chloride content, ensuring reliable quality and durability of the finished products.

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