Cembureau unveils 2030 Biodiversity Roadmap for quarries

Cembureau unveils 2030 Biodiversity Roadmap for quarries
31 May 2022

Cembureau has released its 2030 Biodiversity Roadmap, setting out its vision for biodiversity in and around quarries over the coming years. Through the roadmap, the European cement industry aims to help put a stop to biodiversity loss during the lifecycle of a quarry using rehabilitation processes. According to the association, going above and beyond legal requirements can ensure that new habitats are created, and rare and threatened species can prosper and flourish. 

“The European cement industry is committed to achieving the goals set in the EU Green Deal. In addition to climate change, one of the key priorities of our industry is to protect and preserve the rich ecosystems thriving in and around our quarries and make a strong contribution to biodiversity across the EU,” said Koen Coppenholle, chief executive, Cembureau.  

,The roadmap outlines key actions and objectives for the industry until 2030 under four focus areas: ecosystem rehabilitation and ecosystem services, EU pollinators initiative, invasive species, and protected species. Each area has its own vision, targets and monitoring mechanisms, the aim being to help, guide and influence companies in managing biodiversity and inspire collaboration between the cement industry and other stakeholders, including conservation associations and regulators.  

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