DG Khan set for US exports

DG Khan set for US exports
15 June 2022

Pakistan-based DG Khan Cement Co will be exporting 50,000t of cement to the USA for the first time. “A ship, Tomini Felicity, is presently loading cement at KPT in 1.5t jumbo bags destined for Houston, Texas USA,” Fareed Fazal, DG Khan director, said.

The shipment is part of a contract that will see the cement producer export 100,000tpd to Texas after concluding a deal in August 2021, when Mr Fazal visited the US. Following the deal, there was a 10-month process to obtain the necessary certifications for the cement, including TXDOT, LDOT, NCDOT and SCDOT.

“This is a great opportunity for Pakistani cement manufacturers to explore a new established, stable market of cement. Previously, Pakistan has only been in unstable regional markets of Afghanistan, India, and Bangladesh, with some supplies to Africa,” Mr Fazal said,  highlighting the considerable potential of the US market.

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