Aalborg Portland plans to reduce CO2 emissions by DKK1.6Mt in 2030

Aalborg Portland plans to reduce CO2 emissions by DKK1.6Mt in 2030
17 June 2022

Aalborg Portland (Cementir group) claims it has significantly increased its climate ambitions with a new roadmap that sets a ceiling on emissions in 2030. The new plan will ensure CO2 reductions of 1.6Mt in 2030.

The new target is a total emission of no more than 600,000t by 2030, which means that almost 1.6Mt of CO2 emissions must be cut.

Aalborg Portland's new climate plan builds on the agreement that the cement producer entered into with the government in 2020 on a reduction of at least 660,000t of CO2 and to work further with further reductions until 2030. Thus, the new climate plan lifts ambitions with almost 1Mta of extra CO2 reductions.

The reductions will see a shift from fossil fuels to natural and biogas and waste biomass, such as bone meal and wood waste, as well as the development of a carbon capture and storage (CCS) plant to remove CO2 from the stack and store it in the subsoil.

“It is not an easy exercise, but we have a plan to cut more than 70 percent of our current CO2 emissions and set a ceiling on emissions in the future,” says Søren Holm Christensen, CEO of Aalborg Portland.

The green roadmap will mean that cement from Aalborg Portland will have an average climate footprint of just 300kg CO2/t of cement, which will be among the lowest in Europe, the company claims.

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