CEMEX supplies Vertua cement for eastern European projects

CEMEX supplies Vertua cement for eastern European projects
06 February 2023

CEMEX is providing Vertua lower-carbon cement for three high-profile renewable energy projects in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The projects include wind farms in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and a hydropower plant in eastern Herzegovina. 

Ivovik wind farm, the most significant investment in renewable energy sources in Bosnia-Herzegovina, will have 20 wind turbines and is expected to produce enough energy to meet the demand of more than 100,000 households. For this project, CEMEX is supplying Vertua Ultra lower-carbon cement for the turbine concrete foundations. The wind farm is expected to reduce annual CO2 emissions from energy production by about 240,000t. As of now, 10 foundations out of 20 have been completed.  

Two wind farm projects near Obrovac in the Dalmatia region of Croatia consist of a total of 25 wind turbines. Vertua Plus cement is being used to produce concrete for the foundations on which the wind turbines will be mounted.

CEMEX is also providing Vertua lower-carbon cement for the hydro tunnel of the Dabar hydropower project in eastern Herzegovina. In 2022 CEMEX provided 21,000t of cement to produce concrete installed in the tunnel lining using special steel formwork. 

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